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Wioletta Pietrzak

I am a graduate of the Pedagogical University in Krakow, I completed five-year of studies in Master's degree at the Faculty of Pedagogy in the field of Pre-school Pedagogy and Early school, one-year optional Speech Therapy Study, and postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language at UMCS in Lublin.

Working with children requires not only great patience but also creativity, which is why it is necessary. I am constantly expanding my qualifications and skills, which is why I have about 50 courses of additional training. I have been running my private kindergarten in Des Plaines for 7 years, and for 17 years I have been a teacher in Polish schools in the Chicago agglomeration.

My life goal and passion is working with children, which gives me great satisfaction and sense of professional fulfillment. My greatest reward is always a smile on my face. Working for so many years as a teacher/tutor I can fulfill your desire every day. My Motto: "What is not first in the senses, is not later in the mind" - Maria Montessori and .... that's why in my head an idea for a sensory facility was born ... for these little beings... Privately, I am a mother of two children: son Fabian 14 years old and daughter Zoe 7 years old. I have a wonderful husband who always supports me with all my ideas. I'm interested in fashion, children's development, and I love healthy cooking. In my spare time, I organize and decorate parties for family and friends.
Free time……. I have no free time!

MA, Wioletta Pietrzak

Dorota Pietrzak

I am a graduate of social and welfare pedagogy and social work at
Pedagogical University in Krakow. I also completed postgraduate studies
teaching Polish as a foreign language. I have experience working with
children at school, kindergarten and psychological and pedagogical counseling center. In working with children, I focus on supporting cognitive development and helping emotional children, overcome their difficulties, and most of all is guided each child's individual needs and abilities to develop them potential and abilities.

I will quote here the words of the well-known educator and educator Janusz Korczak:

"An educator who does not press on, but free, does not pull, but rises up,
does not knead, but shapes, does not dictate, but teaches, does not demand, and asks - he will live together many inspired moments with children"

My work is also a passion, which is why I constantly improve my skills through participation in numerous trainings and workshops. For 12 years I have been a teacher in Polish School for Jan Kochanowski in Norridge.

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