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Our Promise

Where Great Minds Are Born

Entrusting children to our care you can be sure of full involvement of qualified staff who have experience and have an individual approach to each ward. Senso Kids is tailored to the needs of exceptional children who require more attention. What is worth highlighting is the fact that the groups are small, and this in turn helps to achieve a better therapeutic effect. We strive to have regular contact with parents, thanks to which we can help to solve the problems faced by the families of our wards on an ongoing basis. In therapy, time is always important, so the earlier you take action, the better the results can be achieved. We attach importance to the fact that children draw as much as possible from the activities in our institution


1) Specialized equipped room/gym for motor games/sensory integration room.

2) Group rooms.

3) Convenient parking.

4) Cafeteria for parents

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